2018 High-Risk, High-Reward Research Symposium App

Download the app to browse the agenda, view abstracts, and connect with other attendees.
Exchange ideas, receive updates, engage in discussions, and expand your network. Get the conference app and make the symposium an even more enjoyable and unique experience!
Using the event app, attendees can
  • Update profiles
  • View speakers and abstracts
  • Set up 1-to-1 meetings with fellow attendees
  • Engage in discussions on the forum
The app is available for iOS and Android smarphones and devices.
To access the 2018 HRHR Symposium app:
  1. Download the Dryfta app

    google play 2

    apple app store icon
  2. After installing the app, search for the NIH Common Fund's 2018 High-Risk, High-Reward Research Symposium and download the conference
  3. Open the top left menu and scroll down to the bottom to sign in to your account
Be sure to create your profile to access the full power of the app. Logging in and completing a profile allows you to easily network with other attendees.